spiritual insomnia

Steven Machat’s SPIRITUAL INSOMNIA is a game plan for 21st Century government – putting YOU, your family, and the community in charge of your happiness and prosperity. “Spiritual Insomnia” was written to wake us up! This is the mantra that echoes throughout the words of author Steven Machat. Wake up! Action is so vital that the urgency was yesterday. The majority of us are not only physically asleep, but spiritually asleep as well – but not the author. He suffers, enjoys, endures, or simply experiences, Spiritual Insomnia. Machat feels that we do not care enough about our human condition.

Steven Machat, the ever pro-active optimist, tells us we can do it, that we can save ourselves. Spiritual Insomnia is more than an alarm call; it is also an uplifting empowerment, a reassurance that we have what it takes to wake up and to bring about change for ourselves, and for our global community.

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