the history of viruses

“Genetically modified foods and chemical drugs. Two things that will change our consciousness as we become slaves to the world we made, not what the Divine gave us to live in this place and space called earth.”

This book shares with you the naked truths of pandemics and epidemics including our current Covid 19.

I illuminate the shadows of this pandemic, as well as earlier epidemics, which have been cast on our worldwide civilizations. With fear and pent up emotions we blame everyone but ourselves, but in all darkness a light does appear. We must look to see the light, and yes there is light.

This book is a must read. I share with you truths that our leaders will not give you. This is sacred knowledge that the few in the know hold as secret.

The book gives us a perspective on how these epidemics/pandemics start and the metaphysical tools to fix our world as well as ourselves-before it’s too late.

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