Welcome to The School of Sacred Knowledge

Where Forbidden Metaphysical Truths Become Pop Culture

SSK is a school to teach the arts and sciences as Pythagorus did 2500 years ago. To create one must understand the metaphysical truths of life. Who we really are. Why we are here. One must understand that we do not die when our body gives out. We must understand how to reach our highest power and learn how to create as all the great Artist and Scientists have done when they learn how to open and use their third eye..

“Accepted ‘truths’ of the origins of cultures, religions, and our very civilization are robustly challenged and debunked by a man who has traveled the planet to unlock deeper truths."


If we understand,
Our Father is the cosmos,
Our Mother is Nature,
Our siblings are fellow mankind,
Then we can learn to acquire the ability to live in harmony with the metaphysical forces of the universe, Mother Earth, and our own being.

This is the mission of the School Of Sacred Knowledge.

"I was then a fixer, a myth maker, a bard and now a seeker of truth. Looking for justice so we all can live a dream and stop believing others are better than we are"


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